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Greys, are the hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial (sometimes also called Aliens Alfa race, Zeta or Reticulian named after the star system ζ Reticuli that was given to them by some ufologists)  that appears most frequently in modern stereotypes about aliens in the media, ufology and conspiracy theories, including narratives of alleged alien abductions.

The first popular appearance of similar beings dates back to 1977 in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Similar characters subsequently appear in numerous films and TV fiction science fiction, usually as benevolent aliens and not invaders, and are among the myths of the Raelian Movement.

There is no scientific evidence of the existence of the Greys or any other type of alien described by UFO enthusiasts.

These figures have been interpreted in the academic world as a product of human imagination. The Greys are described in various ways, but generally as humanoids of small stature (1 meter / 1 and 20cm, slender, completely hairless and gray skin (hence the name), with large heads, huge almond eyes covered by a membrane black and small mouths, often without lips, long arms, and four fingers. Sometimes they are described wearing a space suit. The association between the Grays and the Zeta Reticuli star system instead derives indirectly from the story of an alleged alien abduction suffered by Mr. and Mrs. Hill New Hampshire (United States) in 1961.

In my point of view, “they” are, there are too many witnesses to be able to deny, come from that system without sunlight that’s why they have gray skin, are asexual and have no intention benevolent, why were extradited from their planet. The various kidnappings that have taken place in recent years are real, may not only be the work of science fiction visions, this breed is the most evil of the universe, have concentrated all their resources to build powerful machines, have twice the quotient of our intellectual.



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Greys, are the hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial.