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Government lightning? Why do international governments continue to hide the truth? What hides our President? Friends ufologists, how can we think that our governments are sincere? When I made this video, I received a form of anxiety, knowing that our government keep us in the dark. As we do, to be sure of international security? so we are sure that our governments are not plotting with “them”? I am aware, of what they plan behind you, and unfortunately I can assure you it is not pleasant, indeed nothing short of disgusting. Mainly because of the fact, to be held hidden for so long, our governments must tell the truth! Thats enough! it’s time to tell the world that do international business, indeed universal with “them.” They must say that our governments are trying at all costs to take possession of “their” technology, and this involves irreversible compromise. Our governments are making a treaty with “them” to have uranium stocks, but only that “they” can get her, because it is a substance found mainly beyond the boundaries of our solar system. Gentlemen if you think the uranium, is also believed to a else? that’s right, there is a buy-sell in the course of new weapons, Russia as America is trying at all costs to recruit new weapons developed by “them.” Soon you will hear a lot about new discoveries in the nuclear field, this is because “they” are doing business with our governments! Ok with that said, we hope that at least all the people around the world due to my and your help, they will know the truth. I will never forget one thing my friends, that only the knowledge of things leads to truth, remember my first video? well in that moment we did not know anything, but now our knowledge is increasing dramatically.

Government lightning? Why do international governments continue to hide the truth?



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Government lightning Why do international governments continue to hide the truth