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God created the heavens and the earth, even the aliens? In the beginning, God created everything! The question I ask myself is … God has created the heavens and the earth, has created all the heavens? I think so, so he also created the skies of Jupiter, Mars, and other close and distant planets.

So it is assumed that our God (regardless of all the names of the various religions that have been given) has created other races, spread in the infinite Universe.Universe 360

I refer to the first verse of the Bible which in this case states that God has created everything.Bible

As life has evolved from creation on Earth, it evolved into other planets of the Universe.Earth 360

Why else, should we be pessimistic and think that billions of billions of planets did not occur what happened on Earth? Well, the known races that have hitherto walked on our planet are Humans, Animals, Plants, Bacteria, Viruses, Anunnaki, Nephilim, Reptilian, Gray, North, Giants and if you can help me, please comment on other breeds…

These races, these species, in one way or another, are related to one another, in a system that is intrinsic to it, one always has some relationship with others. What amazes me most is that even though they are completely different, they always have the Earth’s end goal, even though they live in other worlds. At this point, as a scientist and researcher, I wonder why this link, because of this correlation, well then I think of some of the conclusions and I think the planet Earth is really something special, maybe it the only planet to be considered by our God? Let’s take the Anunnaki, for example, supposed to come from Nibiru, maybe they are the oldest race, but why did they come to Earth?Enki, God of the Anunnaki Ancient Aliens.

The Nephilim who came from the heavens because they considered the fallen Angels because they came to Earth?Genetic engineering, and manipulation by the Nephilim.

The Reptilians who came from or still come from the subsoil of not knowing what world, why did they climb or want to climb on the surface?Nāga, are the ancient reptilian Ancient Aliens.

It turns out that all the races, all the species we knew, for a mysteriously odd reason, wanted to be on our beautiful planet. Perhaps our God has created everything else, but he wanted to start the existence of life starting from our planet, that is, I mean, Earth perhaps is a startup for genetic creation. I firmly believe that God was also creating aliens, but I do not think they were created, in other worlds, so I firmly and simply believe that “they” have inhabited this planet before us!

God created the heavens and the earth, even the aliens?



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God created the heavens and the earth, even the aliens?