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Genetic engineering, and manipulation by the Nephilim. Some commentators, finding objectionable or blasphemous the idea of copulation between angels and humans, have suggested more figurative interpretations of the Nephilim concept, proposing the idea that they were a progeny of possessed by demons.

In light of modern speculations on the stories of abductions, some have also speculated that it was an archaic description of a form of artificial insemination and genetic manipulation by aliens. The general term of genetic engineering refers to a branch of applied biology that consists of a very diverse set of techniques that allow genes to isolate, clone them, introduce them and express them in a heterologous host. These techniques make it possible to bring new features to the recipient cells. The thus produced cells are recombinant calls. Genetic engineering also allows to alter the DNA sequence of the original gene and produce one best suited to respond to specific needs, as happens for example with regard to GMOs.

If from a point of view of pure research these techniques are very important to fully understand the function of a particular protein, the ultimate aim is to confer to certain organisms important characteristics to perform certain purposes. These purposes can be applied to various fields, such as agriculture or biomedicine. The sequencing of the entire human genome, in addition to that of several other living species, has, in fact, made it extremely simple, if not trivial, obtain information on the composition of a gene or of a segment of DNA: the billions of nucleotides sequenced so far, in fact, they are widely available in the databases available on the Internet. In my point of view, “they” have for centuries or perhaps millenniums, manipulated our genes, our DNA, the titans of yore held experiments with humans, but it all ended when the human race became smarter “their”.



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Genetic engineering, and manipulation by the Nephilim.