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Garden Eden, was planted by Lord God. Where is it? The earthly paradise (also called Eden) is the place where, according to Genesis, the first book of the Bible, Adam and Eve were created.Bible

Garden Eden, was planted by Lord God. Where is it?

Actually quoting Genesis: “And the Eternal God planted a garden in Eden in the east, and there was the man who had formed it … And a river came out of Eden to take away the garden, and it was divided into four arms The name of the first is Pishon, and it is the one that surrounds all the land of Havilah where the gold is, and the gold of that country is good, there is also the bdellium and the onyx.Garden Eden and the enigma of Gobekli Tepe.

Garden Eden, was planted by Lord God. Where is it?

The second river is Gihon, and it is the one that surrounds all the land of Cush. The name of the third river is Hiddekel, and it is the one flowing to the east of Assyria, and the fourth river is the Euphrates. (Genesis 2: 8-14). The Bible (with this name we refer to what Christians call the “Old Testament“) is a sacred book for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and contains a wealth of historical and geographic information about this mysterious place.

Further geographic information from Eden is hidden in ancient Mesopotamian sources and in particular in Mesopotamian texts, ancient Jewish legends, Christian and Muslim illustrations.

Even Sumerian sources refer to a region called Edin and it seems highly probable that the Sumerian Edin and Biblical Eden are the same regions. The location of the “earthly paradise” has attracted many curious and theologians since the first reading of the biblical text.Royal Sumerian List The Enigma Unsolved!

Garden Eden, was planted by Lord God. Where is it?

But nowadays, can you state the real existence of this place from which mankind was born? In the way of thinking of the vast majority of today’s scholars, there seems to be much distrust and pure skepticism. Today I will present 5 places where some scholars and experts in the subject believe both the biblical place of creation of Adam and Eve, where mankind originated.Calendar Adam evidence of an ancient civilization

Garden Eden, was planted by Lord God. Where is it?


1. Southern IraqSouthern Iraq

Most scholars around the world are convinced that the “Garden of Eden” was in the Sumer region, in modern Iraq, at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. They consider that geographical references in Genesis refer to the situation from the ninth to fifth centuries BC. And that the Pishon and the Gihon were tributaries of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that later disappeared. Indeed there may have been ancient channels.


2. Eastern TurkeyEastern Turkey

Other scholars of the Bible hypothesize that if the four streams “went out of the garden, then the garden itself had to be very north of the civilization of the Tigers and the Euphrates, for example in the mysterious northern part of Armenia which today belongs To Turkey. This theory assumes that Gihon and Pishon were not precise geographical references, but vague descriptions of far-off places.

3. Northern IranNorthern Iran

British archaeologist David Rohl said Eden is a lush valley of Iran, located about 16 km from the modern Tabriz city. Rohl hypothesizes that Pishon and Gihon are the Iranian rivers Aras and Uizhun, and Mount Sahand, a snow-covered extinct volcano, is the mountain of God of the prophet Ezekiel.

4. IsraelIsrael 360

According to another current of thought, Eden was in the Holy Land and the original river that came into the garden before dividing into four streams was the Jordan River, which at Genesis was much longer. Gihon was the Nile River while the Arabian Peninsula was Avila. Several supporters of this thesis go beyond saying that Mount Moriah in Jerusalem was the heart of the Garden of Eden and that the whole garden would include the entire city of Jerusalem, the city of Bethlehem and the Mount of Olives.

5. EgyptEgypt 360

The promoters of the theory that the Garden of Eden is in Egypt, argue that the description provided by Genesis, that is, a wet land not from the rain, but from a fog rising from the ground, perfectly corresponds to the Nile region, As this ancient river partially discharged beneath the earth before it appeared in supper in the form of springs springing downstream of the first waterfall. According to this thesis, therefore, the four rivers, including the Tigers and Euphrates, would be far further than the Garden of Eden.

Now, I just want to say a simple thing: Archaeologists all over the world, because we do not get together and we discover and weigheth once and for all these lands to find out the truth?

Garden Eden, was planted by Lord God. Where is it?



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Garden Eden, was planted by Lord God. Where is it?