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Flying saucer in aereonautics. U.F.O. & Ufology. The flying saucer, or with a more technical disc aircraft term, is a type of tactical aircraft and transport in vertical takeoff and landing and translation of the horizontal motion, of which only some prototypes have been developed by the aviation industry, without which ever derived a series production. The flying saucer merges into a single solution the operational characteristics of the helicopter and plane. In its circular shape with a central cabin, can theoretically be oriented in any direction without changing the structure. The term flying saucer entered the common language since the fifties as a synonym for the unidentified flying object (UFO).

In the aeronautical field, many patents have been filed, of which the only really developed and realized with little success has been the Avrocar, and as a result of such failures there have been no developments of dozens of others of a different type patented designs. After the end of World War II were born voices, never try, on hypothetical secret projects of flying saucers developed by Nazi Germany just before his defeat.

The first several statements from literary fiction on this subject appeared in March 1950 in a series of articles by Italian expert turbines Giuseppe Belluzzo, who spoke of aircraft developed simultaneously from Italy and Germany since 1942. A week after the publication Belluzzo of articles, the German scientist Rudolph Schriever claimed to have developed flying saucers during the Nazi period.

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base developed a project, declassified in 1997, for the development of lenticular shape bomber identified as Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV), also called 40 Foot. The United States after World War II, during the early years of the Cold War, attempted to secretly build a disc aircraft model equipped with a central turbine nicknamed Avrocar, failing, however, to get a vehicle from the affordable performance. In my point of view, the Avrocar patent has been manipulated by the scientists themselves and tested by the military forces, when the press found out about this discovery, it rushed the place but we know that when there is half military force everything is segregated, encrypted, so I think the project went ahead in secret form, today we have already developed technologies like that of Avrocar.



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Flying saucer in aereonautics. U.F.O. & Ufology.