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First Contact.



Dear readers or listeners, after publishing my recent article, Anunnaki tomb and disconcerting truth, more precisely in the 08/07/2016 night changed my life.



Good morning, good evening or simply good night, for those who have learned to read and to see my articles, now knows me very well, I’m Alessandro Brizzi. Today I am excited, because I am going to tell my first  Book, is a new experiment that I share with you, I decided to do this because they are the world’s investigator of the two races, so I want to convey to you all my knowledge.

First Contact, dear readers or listeners. Aliens.

Well then we start this journey together, I hope I can make you really convey my adventure that began right in the 5/7/2016, a night like so many ….. It was about 2:30 am, when I decided to go to bed, after the publication of my article “Anunnaki tomb and disconcerting truth” I was very tired, but I had a strange premonition that night, s if something had to happen. I feel very strange ….. In fact, on that night I began to dream …. They ring the doorbell of my door, I get up from the bed, very scared given the hour’s coming, I quickly dressed and go see who it is. When I arrive at the door of my house, I look through the peephole, and I cannot see well who comes before, then you begin to inquire “who are you?”. He “I am”. Then at that point I understand that they are the victim of a dream, you think, dear readers, as I was dreaming, I perceived to be in a dream, it’s just incredible. With a huge concern, I open the door and I am upset, seeing before me pretty much “myself”. Amazing saw a silhouette tall as me, with thinning hair, glasses and I could feel the same my features.

Suddenly I feel a sense of transcendence inopportune … Then at that point with a flaky expression I ask “who are you?” and he “is your Eodem”. At this point the dream ended and I woke up with a start, I went immediately to look for the word Eodem and I found that in Latin means “the same.” He was me! But now that I think about it had strange eyes, Dark black, as if he did not like …. even though he was only pupils with no white border … I shudder just thinking about it. In the hope that I take the dream from the point before I greet you with affection your Alessandro Brizzi.

First Contact, dear readers or listeners. Aliens.



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First Contact, dear readers or listeners. Aliens.