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Find the tombs of the kings Aztecs?

New archaeological discoveries in the Templo Mayor in Mexico City could reveal the fate of the rulers of the pre-Columbian civilizations.

Under the Templo Mayor in Mexico City, one of the largest of the ancient Aztec civilization, archaeologists have discovered a hallway and two sealed doors, behind which could hide the tombs of ancient kings. The tunnel, 8.38 meters long, 1.5 meters high and just 45 cm wide, leading directly to a stone ceremonial platform preserved among the ruins of the Templo Mayor, the Cuauhxicalco, whose name literally means “eagle cup” . This ritual space, about 16 meters in diameter and 2.50 meters in height, represented for the Aztecs the center of the universe. According to reports of the Spaniards who wrote of the conquest of Mexico, in fact, here they were crowned rulers and carried out their funeral rites.

Freeing the passage from earth and stone have discovered that leads directly to the heart of Cuauhxicalco and on the bottom there are two masonry walls, which seem to seal two old entrances. In what experts say, these ports could conceal precious relics: According to sources, the Cuauhxicalco was a funeral building, therefore we believe that, behind the walls, could be two small rooms containing the cremated remains of some rulers of Tenochtitlan. Considering the dating of the structure, this may be the graves of three of the first regents Aztecs, Moctezuma I and his successors, Axayacatl and Tizoc, who reigned between the sixteenth and fifteenth centuries.



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