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 Fifth technology! This image is not a ghost!Nothing but ghosts … my “friends” have again Contacted me !! Friends ufologists are thrilled !! My “friends” and you know who I mean, they contacted me for the umpteenth time. I promptly reported this video because it fully describes the fifth technology. I’m excited because it really can be seen clearly with this video in HD technology that have brought my “friends.” Today they called me on my cell phone, and then they gave me the video link in question. Obviously, they have described the technology, this fifth technology, if you want to see the other four earlier just go in my previous videos. I said, this technology is characterized by a globe where there are genetically engineered molecules that can change the space-time. Gentlemen, I am living molecules !! They are generated by a ‘molecular weapon by “their” and is able to change an area of space-time. Has it ever happened that from one area to another with very short distance, and the other is dry it rains? Well this technology can do this, “they” come from another dimension, then, technology also helps to make them Invisible. My “friends” who have not answered my question, but I think so. “They” use antimatter. In the near future it will also be available to us as recent discoveries in C.E.R.N. Or as the recent discoveries of gravitational waves, made possible by NASA but also through the help of my Italian villagers, gravitational waves will open the future of humanity, because thanks to them humans can travel in the vastness of deep space, through the space-time, the great thinker Einstein is simply a person who has had contact with “them,” has had Mystical Experiences, partly because he has already discovered 100 years ago gravitational waves, but no one could explain, this is because ” their “they told him only what they were, but not how they were generated.



To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Fifth technology! This image is not a ghost!