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Famous story of Noonan, told by Alessandro Morabito Brizzi this is my first video where I tell a true story. Friends ufologists, as you can read from the title, this is my first video preview, which can also be found on either channel Youtube. Ever since I was very surprised by this shocking story, I wanted to do a search on the internet and found the video only in Spanish and the ultimate in Italian. So I said to myself, for my friends ufologists US anything? So I created this video completely American, I hope you appreciate it all with a bit of salt on your comments. Well, this is the story of a very strange man who spent his time in the search for truth. And since it is very similar to me, I decided to start my own channel with this video. He was a very normal, like some all you people, a person who has spent most of his life in the work, and then suddenly disappear into thin air. When I say nothing, it means nothing right in! So now I wonder, and I say, why such a man should disappear into thin air? just because he met a strange woman? I think that one of these days, we turn on the television or surf the Internet, and will appear as if by magic the news that Noonan reappears on Earth, telling us to be gone in a fantasy world. I hope that with each passing day, we are able to make discoveries together you and I, like me you also want to know the truth? well follow me during this adventure that started with such enthusiasm and you will not regret. One reason perhaps is the only person able to know the truth!

Famous story of Noonan, told by Alessandro Morabito Brizzi



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Famous story of Noonan, told by Alessandro Morabito Brizzi.