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Enoch Book, Nephilim’s existence tests? The Book of Enoch is an apocryphal text of Jewish origin whose definitive version dates back to the first century BC, reached today in full in a version in language Ge’ez (ancient Ethiopian language), hence the name Ethiopian Enoch. Although in the past there have been lively discussions among scholars, thanks to the discoveries of Qumran currently one can establish with certainty that the original language of the 5 autonomous texts was Aramaic. Scholars and church Copts, who believe the Ethiopian version of the original. Moreover, given the antiquity of the antediluvian character of Enoch, the book represents the first and most ancient text written by men. Needless to say, the eyes of the modern historical-philological criticism of this position, as well as false, even looks a bit ‘naive. The text consists of 150 chapters grouped into 5 sections. Broadly speaking, the content of the text revolves around the fall of the “vigilant”, that is, some of the angels who fathered the Nephilim or “giants”.

The book also contains a description of the movements of celestial bodies, in typical apocalyptic style. In my point of view, Enoch now known in all the biblical texts had clearly clarity around the world that surrounded him, then described in detail only and exclusively all I really saw. I believe a lot in this book and I continue to study it for years, why do not you do it too? Not only I invite all of you to read it, but I invite especially to those scientists, Archaeologists, graduating etc. to study it with the utmost importance, because in my opinion, it is a book that reveals certain truths, which could be uncomfortable to many, especially to those who wrote the history of humanity.



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Enoch Book, Nephilim's existence tests