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English Defense: We have the weapons to defend us from an alien attack! Nick Pope, former English defense counsel, goes back to talking about Ufo. The topic of discussion is the one preferred by Pope: human-alien interaction in any form. In an interview with, Pope takes a long look at the weapons available to defend us from any extraterrestrial attack. According to Pope, Great Britain has an arsenal suitable for countering a threat from other worlds. The aerial fleet full of advanced drones could hold the head to the extraterrestrial battalion. But this time the reasoning is too optimistic.Nick Pope, former English defense counsel

For Pope, the best solution in the event of a planetary threat would be a UN Plenary Session with the unlocking of the entire world arsenal and the coordination of all existing military aviation. For those who think it’s an unlikely scenario, the British official recalls that Ronald Reagan once mentioned in a speech to the United Nations the importance of the subject.Ronald Reagan once mentioned in a speech to the United Nations

If an alien civilization came here with spaceships, it would certainly have developed a level of control and exploitation of technology that we could not oppose in any way, despite Pope’s optimism.If a foreign civilization came here with spacecraft

To explain it, for example, take the scale drawn up by the Soviet scientist Kardashev, who in 1964 proposed a criterion based on the ability to collect and exploit the energy produced naturally. Kardashev proposed a 5-step scale, identified by the Roman numerals from I to IV, plus a starting level 0. According to Kardashev, a civilization was unable to reach a level of development without fully exploiting its potential in the previous level; Moreover, the transition from one level to the next would have been limited by the expansion rate of civilization in the universe, necessarily limited to values lower than those of light. To date, we can consider humanity between step 0 and scale 1, or between the level of a civilization that is unable to exploit all the energy produced by its star, either directly (solar energy) or indirectly (energy Wind, tides, rivers, but also fossil fuels), and level I, where all civilizations are located that can fully exploit all the energy produced by their sun. According to Kardashev’s theory, Earth would reach this level of technological development around the year 2200.

Surely an alien civilization that invaded us would be beyond level 2, it would have learned to shape and manipulate energy, and history teaches us that when it comes to energy, there is also the possibility of using it against someone. When we discovered the atom, atomic energy allowed scientists to create nuclear arsenals that exponentially increased our offensive abilities. Think of limiting an alien fleet with six British drones and the global union of the crusader sounds unrealistic, always to be generous. Humanity must hope that the only problems that arise are the conflicts we are unfortunately used to, which we already manage to deal with. British and American are still struggling with the Taliban without being able to get the better. For the alien war, we expect better times (and means).

English Defense: We have the weapons to defend us from an alien attack!



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English Defense We have the weapons to defend us from an alien attack