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Discovered New Planet in the Solar System! A new study says that there is a ninth (or tenth if still regret Pluto) world in our celestial neighborhood, a mass ten times greater than that of the Earth.

 A larger planet Earth might lurk in the dark recesses of the solar system. The presence of the planet, which would be far beyond Pluto, would be betrayed by the bizarre orbit of a handful of remote icy objects. The gravity exerted by a largely hidden planet, it would explain the particular orbits of some minor bodies of the so-called Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO, Kuiper Belt objects) that scientists have questioned for years. If indeed there is another planet in the Solar System, I am convinced that it is this.

If so, it would be an extraordinary discovery. Fingers crossed. The researchers calculated that the planet if it really exists, would have ten times the mass of Earth, or would be about three times larger. Which would make a super-Earth or a mini-Neptune, a kind of planet that our galaxy puts together very easily but that is curiously absent from our celestial neighborhood. 

The planet would be really far away: the simulations indicate that in the moment of greatest proximity to the sun would be at a distance of about 200 or 300 times that separating Earth from its star, and to greater distance would be between 600 and 1,200 times farther. This thing is on orbit extraordinarily long and cold and probably takes something like 20,000 years to make a complete revolution around the Sun.

In 2014, another group of researchers had identified an object called 2012VP113. The orbit of the planet, familiarly nicknamed “Biden” in honor of the current US vice president, was mysterious and similar to that of Sedna, another small planet discovered beyond Pluto.

Discovered New Planet in the Solar System!



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Discovered New Planet in the Solar System