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Finally we are able to understand “their” logic.

Friends ufologists, we can finally understand their nature, their logic !! I asked a million times, how is it that they can fly over our skies and not seen? In theory, the triangular shape is represented in the stories of all time, has been the subject of the occult, of perfection, of magnetism. It is propagated in time and space in a triangular shape, as if it were of the same air field. In fact, “they” belong to other dimensions, which is why when we see the ghosts we seem to see and hear strange things, but they are not really ghosts !! With their technology can change the structure of time and space, the good soul Einstein was discovering the enigma.

But he could not, and still no one has succeeded, but sooner or later the human race will succeed !. Because the triangle, the triangular shape is also perfect geometric because it consists of numbers 3 corners, where 3 is a perfect number. One of the causes that have built the pyramids are triangular in shape, because if you think about it, having the three sides equal the power of the sun is mainly focused on the tip. And consequently in every side there will always be shadow, this custom of living in the warmer seasons. Have you noticed that when it comes to any triangular shape, there is always a form of unknown mystery? Well this is evidence that since the primordial times, the triangle is an earthly symbol and extra land, then a symbol that can be understood by humans and “them”, so my question arises …. The triangle is part of ‘universal alphabet? However in the next post I will focus on the pyramids, all for today, good vision.



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