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Complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas. A UFO incident April 17, 1897, in Aurora, Texas, a small town located northwest of Dallas. The incident (similar to the more famous Roswell UFO incident took place 50 years later) was due to a fatality and the foreign body supposedly it seems to be buried in an unmarked grave in the local cemetery. During the period 1896-1897 (about six or seven years before the first flight of the brothers Wright), it was reported several sightings of a mysterious airship shaped cigar across the United States.A UFO incident April 17, 1897, in Aurora, Texas

In one of these stories appeared in a short article in the edition of the Dallas Morning News on April 19, 1897, the alleged UFO is said to have hit a windmill on the property of J. S. Judge Proctor two days earlier (April 17) at around 6:00 in the morning, resulting in the crash to the ground. The pilot, who was described as “not of this world” and “Martian”, as reported by T.J. Weems, an army officer in nearby Fort Worth, did not survive the impact, and was buried with Christian rite at the local cemetery in Aurora. In the cemetery, there is a Commission of Texas Historical plaque which, among other local events, mentions the incident: “This site is also known for the legend of a spaceship that crashed nearby in 1897 and the pilot killed on impact, he was buried here. “ According to the story, the wreckage of the aircraft was thrown into a well located below the damaged windmill, while some remains ended up in the grave with the alien. 

Complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas.

This mystery is added to the history of Brawley Oates, who bought the property around 1945. Judge Proctor Oates cleaned the well from the scrap debris, in order to use the water, but later developed a form of extremely severe arthritis, he thought it was caused by water contaminated by metals remains thrown into the well. Consequently the well he sealed with a concrete slab and placed there above a brick construction. According to the engraving on the plate, this happened in 1957. The hoax theory is mainly based on historical research by Barbara Brammer, former mayor of Aurora. His research revealed that, in the months before the alleged crash, the Aurora town had been plagued by a series of tragic accidents: First, the local cotton production, the main source of income for the city had been destroyed by an infestation of Anthonomus grandis (boll weevil, the beetle pest of cotton). Complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas.Anthonomus grandis

Second, a fire in the west of the city damaged several buildings. Shortly after the fire, a typhus epidemic struck the city, killing nearly all the remaining inhabitants and putting, in fact, the quarantined city. Finally, planning the construction of a railway remained at 27 km from Aurora, and never arrived in town. Essentially, Aurora (which had about 3,000 inhabitants at the time) was in serious danger of extinction, the search for Brammer also showed that Haydon was known in town for being a prankster, and then his conclusion is that the article Haydon was a last-ditch effort to keep alive Aurora. 

Complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas.

The theory was further supported by the fact that Haydon is not affected any type of incident occurs, and not write anything on the funeral of the stranger, that is very strange, to say the least, given the importance of the whole story. In addition, in 1979, Time magazine interviewed Etta Pegues who said: “Haydon invented the whole story to publicize the town of Aurora. The railroad had jumped there and the city was dying. ” Pegues also declared that the plot of Judge Proctor never was a windmill. The case has been studied in various occasions. The first was broadcast on local television KDFW FOX 4 and the other two were aired on cable television.KDFW FOX 4 Aurora ufo

In 1998, KDFW television channel based in Dallas aired a lengthy report on the incident Aurora. The journalist Richard Ray interviewed former reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Jim Marrs and other inhabitants, who confirmed that something had crashed in Aurora, Texas. Unfortunately, Ray’s report failed to find clear evidence of extraterrestrial life and technology. Ray reported that the state of Texas had erected a historical plaque in town that describes the history and defines a “legend”.Texas had erected a historical plaque

On December 2, 2005, the UFO Files series devotes an incident episode titled “Texas’ Roswell.” The story tells of a survey conducted in 1973 by Bill Case, one aviation writer for the Dallas Times Herald and for the state of Texas director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The MUFON found two other eyewitnesses of the Aurora crash. Mary Evans, who was fifteen he recounted how his parents have rushed to the accident site (she had been forbidden to go) and the discovery of the foreign body.the UFO Files series devotes an incident episode titled Texas Roswell.

Charlie Stephens, who was 10, reported that he saw an airship which he smoked tail as it headed north toward Aurora. He wanted to see what had happened, but his father made him finish the housework. The next day, his father told him that he had seen the impact of debris on his way into town. The MUFON examined the Aurora cemetery discovered a plaque on which was depicted on a disc wheel of some kind, the metal detector noted something. He was asked for permission to exhume the grave but the authorities did not grant permission.

Complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas.

After the survey of MUFON, the plaque disappeared mysteriously from the cemetery and the metal detector did not notice anything, then it is assumed that the metal has been removed. The MUFON report stated that the evidence was inconclusive, not excluding the possibility of a hoax. The television episode brings an interview with the mayor Brammer which refers to the tragic history of the city. November 19, 2008, airs another TV documentary about the incident of the Aurora series UFO Hunters (A UFO hunting), entitled “First Contact.”incident of the Aurora series UFO Hunters A UFO hunting

The documentary highlights a major breakthrough in the investigation than the story of UFO files – Tim Oates, grandson of Brawley Oates, now owner of the land with the well where the UFO wreck was allegedly thrown, allowed investigators to remove the slab that sealed the shaft, in order to examine it for collecting samples and residual debris. The water drawn from the well is found to be normal except for the large amounts of aluminum present in the well there was nothing abnormal.

Complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas.

Investigators have dug around the well, bringing to light that had a metal support which has been associated with the support of the mill. So it was clear that over the well there was a windmill, this contradicts the statements of Etta Pegues. The son of Brawley Oates or the father of Tim Oates says that he drank water from the well as his father, but has never had the very severe form of arthritis, rather than think may have been gout to have hit his father.gout

The latter closed the well because the pipes had deteriorated and therefore not provided more water and not for fear of contaminated water as previously thought. He also states that he has never seen the mill, his father bought the property in 1945 and probably the Judge Proctor dismantled the mill in the years from 1897 to 1945. His father, Brawley Oates, however, he wiped well and unearthed metal. Investigators have found the metal residues near the tree. Once analyzed, they revealed that it was an aluminum alloy with an unknown metal that could not exist on Earth.metal that could not exist on earth.

In addition, investigators have re-examined the graveyard starting from MUFON photographs to reconstruct the location of the grave. Once you have established where was the headstone, they used a ground penetrating radar. The tomb was found in the area where there were other tombs from the same period, 1890. Unfortunately, however, his condition did not allow definitively identify the remains buried, and the authorities have not this is that once again allowed to digging to resurrect the grave. So in conclusion, we come very close to the alien impact theory. 

Complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas.



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The complicated story of the UFO Crash of 1897 in Aurora, Texas