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Close encounter, study in Psychology and Ufology. A close encounter in ufology is an event in which a person testifies to be coming in contact with an unidentified Flying Object (UFO) and creatures connected to it.

The terminology and the classification system of UFO sightings were inaugurated by astrophysicist and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek, who suggested them for the first time in his 1972 book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry.

Hynek introduced the first three types of meeting; They were later added by other two additional subtypes of close encounters, but these additional categories are not universally accepted by UFO researchers. Sightings to more than 160 meters away from the witness are classified as “discs in the light of the day”.

Sightings within roughly 500 feet are sub-classified under various types of “close encounter”. Hynek and others argued that to be such a close encounter must occur within about 500 feet to greatly reduce or eliminate the possibility of incorrectly identify conventional aircraft or other known phenomena.

The classification of Hynek:

EC1:  The first type (Sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects)

CE2:  The second type (An observation of a UFO and physical phenomena coming from the UFO)

CE3:  The third type (An observation of animate beings in association with a UFO sighting)

EC4: The fourth type (A human is Abducted by a UFO or its occupants)

CE5: The fifth type (Bilateral meetings put in place by human initiatives conscious, voluntary and active, or through a cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligence)

EC6: The sixth type (Contacts with UFOs which are due to long-term physiological effects, such as severe injury, or even death)

EC7: The seventh type (human-alien Hybrid).

In my point of view, it lacks a focal point, and that’s what extraterrestrial life forms interacted with humans, and perhaps they are coupled with them, in prehistoric and ancient times.



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Close encounter, study in Psychology and Ufology.