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Children Inca, mysterious sacrifices in the Andes. Children sacrificed by the Incas took cocaine and alcohol: hair analysis of mummies found in Argentina reveal details of life of young victims before sacrifice.

The excellent state of conservation of three Inca mummies discovered near the summit of the Llullaillaco volcano Argentine has enabled scientists to ‘return a human face’ Capacocha ancient ritual that ended with their sacrifice. The bodies of the virgin of thirteen Llullaillaco and his younger companions, the Llullaillaco boy and the “lightning girl” – so nicknamed because his body has been damaged by lightning – revealed that at the time of death and in during the ceremonies for a year prepared them to passing, they came into play some substances are able to alter their mental state. Subjected to biochemical analysis, the hair of the virgin have provided information about what she ate and drank in his last two years of life. The results obtained showed a change in the way of eating and in the coca and alcohol consumption that seem consistent with historical accounts that the Incas select some children because they would take part in a sacred ceremony of the last one year it would end with their sacrifice. In the religious view Inca, he stresses, the coke and alcohol could induce altered states that fell within the sphere of the sacred. These substances, however, probably also had a more pragmatic function: confuse and sedate young victims to make them more acceptable to the thankless fate that awaited them. Llullaillaco volcano in Argentina, where the frozen bodies were found in 1999 of three boys whose virgin and his younger companions enjoy an excellent state of preservation due to the natural conditions of the site where frost were discovered at an altitude slightly lower than the top of the mountain, at 6,739 meters. It is this incredible level of conservation that made possible the analyzes that – along with the discovery of artifacts and fabrics also well preserved inside the tomb structure – have enabled experts to reconstruct the events that took place about 500 years ago in He lost this corner of the world.

Children Inca, mysterious sacrifices in the Andes.



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Children Inca, mysterious sacrifices in the Andes.