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Canada: more than 14,000 UFO sighted over the past 25 years.

Canada confirms a treasure trove of UFO sightings.

Since 1989, more than 14,000 cases have been documented, marking a steady increase over time. In 2013, there have been sightings in 1180, with an average of three a day. The document stresses the steady increase of sightings since 1989, the first year of investigation.

In 25 years, the cases registered are more than 14 thousand. Thus, Canada was confirmed as a veritable treasure trove of UFO sightings to the various organizations that keep track of the various cases. 2012 stood as a record year, with almost 2,000 sightings, while in 2013 he finished in second place. Ufologists attribute the increase of cases to some possible factors: An increase of unidentified flying objects (not necessarily alien). Secret military exercises taking place in populated areas.

The spread of smartphones and increased use of the Internet more and more to allow people to share what they see. More and more people are beginning to observe the sky. A growing number of people believe that the solutions to mankind’s problems will come from above. Most of the sightings at least by two witnesses were observed. This indicates that the typical UFO experience is now more than a single witness and supports the thesis that the sightings represent actual observations of physical phenomena, since there is at least one other person to confirm the report, the report concludes.



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