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Calendar Adam: evidence of an ancient civilization? This may be the most important discovery in the history of mankind. But what is the ‘Calendar of Adam’? It ‘really the most ancient stone circle in the world? It was really made by the Anunnaki, the alien of the Sumerians, as a terrestrial outpost for the gold panning around 200,000 years ago? Or it is the first solar-lunar calendar made over 75 thousand years ago?

The geographical area where it is placed on Adam’s Calendar is near Mpumalanga and was discovered in 2005 by Johan Heine while flying over the area during a mission to rescue the pilot of an aircraft failure. In recent years, the enigmatic stone circle was promoted, along with the Bosnian pyramids, as one of the oldest human structures in the world. Adam’s Calendar is situated on top of a cliff sloping towards the south, known as the Transvaal Escarpment, an area rich in quartz and Gold deposits.

The site consists of a large number of rocks scattered seemingly at random, of which a small percentage was positioned not so much to create a circle of stones, but what I have rated as a ‘stone frame’. I began to measure and calculate the position of the Monoliths. Strong of my years of experience in the field of aeronautical science and navigation, very soon I realized that the circular structure has been deliberately designed to align with the cardinal points of the earth, and with the Equinoxes and Solstices.

In all, there are about a dozen stones that look like they were standing on end, including two high about 2 and a half meters that stand in the middle of the monument. I think I have identified several solar arrays, including particularly interesting that covers three recumbent stones which, in my opinion, were once vertically oriented toward the stars of Orion‘s belt.

Not surprising, since many prehistoric sites appear to contain this type of Alignment.

The only problem is that I use this particular alignment to show that the old Adam’s Calendar is at least 75,000 years since the stones would be aligned with the Constellation Orion in the position where it appeared at that time so far of the history of mankind.

I push myself very well, up to suggest that Adam’s Calendar may have been built about 200 thousand years ago, as the center of operations of the Anunnaki.

Calendar Adam: evidence of an ancient civilization?



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Calendar Adam evidence of an ancient civilization