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We are the only breed! Really?  We are not yet sure of knowledge?

Friends ufologists, as you can easily tell from the title, this is a video that you know the truth and not just Indian.

Really? In this important testimony and visualization, we see more than ever, as we are not the only intelligent race on this planet. Here’s what you notice, snakes, reptiles in the world, how do you think they do not exist? How can we still believe the story that is told every day? Because when I was growing up and attended public schools, they never told of these representations in India? The country, India has always been mysterious, you have heard of the famous flying cars called Vimana? Well in the next video I’ll talk about that.

Friends should try to know the terrestrial and extraterrestrial world, we must know the truth that hides every day by our governments. It is assumed that during the Second World War, the leaders of the German National Socialism, was interested in these flying machines, in every performance, every monument, every place is described at least one flying machine in India. 

The India is a country I’ve always thought to be very mysterious, friends, in Sanskrit texts dating back thousands of years ago, they define the Vimana as a common flying machines, as if thousands of years or millions of years ago to see in the sky, a flying machine as this was a natural thing, almost normal. Honestly I have never fully understood the Indian knowledge but friends I promise you that I go into the investigation, understanding once and for all, what are the secrets that hides this wonderful nation. Our governments have provided us with a wonderful technology? well we have to use it to learn more about “them”, it may seem a paradox, but that’s what they want!




To open the video, click on the picture, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

We are the only breed! Really? We are not yet sure of knowledge?