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Architecture Constantine in Constantinople. It is a footprint of impressive architectural presence that will define, early in the fourth century, the construction of a new capital in the east of the Mediterranean, Constantinople. Many contemporary witnesses, the idea of a new capital presumably not appeared as an unusual event. Conversely, it must be supposed that Constantinople was defined initially by the connotations of a memory hinge, especially in its architectural attributes, with the most recent history of the Roman Empire Diocletian reforms linked to the turn of the third century and the brief but intense experience Tetrarchic.

It is from these reforms that arose a systematic multiplication of new capital, which in the light of the new governmental structure, led to the creation of real power centers in different geographic locations relatively unusual for the Roman Empire. From Sirmione in the heart of the Balkans in Thessaloniki on the Aegean sea to Antioch on the Orontes nestled in the eastern extreme of the Mediterranean in Kocaeli situated at the entrance of the lines of communication with Anatolia, the new tetrarchy capital created the conditions for renewed central planning, architectural and artistic. If Rome had until then been the fulcrum, the Urbs par excellence, the new tetrarchiche cities, along with an elaborate system of urban centers of a new foundation that can now be associated with greater certainty at this time, propose a redefinition of the previous paradigm the ‘center-periphery’.

The increase of new ‘centers’ and the consequent disintegration of previous ‘peripheries’, many of which are now gravitating into the orbit of the new capital, will create a renewed communications network, displacements but also to new cultural encounters. Specifically, the new capital, Constantinople, and in particular, can also be read as new catalysts for urban planning and architectural systems, now calibrated to tune into the extraordinary transformations of this period and strong dialogue with the realities of new geographic locations.

Architecture Constantine in Constantinople.



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Architecture Constantine in Constantinople.