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Apart, the radio telescope research alien life. Taken the first picture of the nearest habitable planet to Earth, the goal of the international project Breakthrough Initiatives funded by Russian tycoon Yuri Milner with $ 100 million, with the advice of the physicist Stephen Hawking.

The pictures of the planet Proxima b, orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, was taken by Parkes radio telescope, the National Council of Australian Research (CSIRO).

Recently, a research has shown that Proxima b is located in the habitable zone, which is at a distance from its star that can support life. This result is just the first step of the exceptional scientific project announced in July 2015 by Yuri Milner and this new chapter, called Breakthrough Listen – where you put the activity of the Parkes radio telescope – is only the first step. Its objective is to realize an analysis of radio and laser spectrum of about one million stars to search for possible Extraterrestrial signals.

Despite the planet on which you have pointed the Parkes radio telescope falls within a habitable zone, “at a distance from Earth so small – less than 4.5 light years – it is highly unlikely the existence of other intelligent life, because otherwise the Galaxy many billions more intelligent life there would be, “says Giancarlo Genta, aerospace engineer of the Polytechnic of Turin, Italian only one involved in the Breakthrough project.

“However – continues Genta – its proximity to Earth is Proxima Centauri and its planet an ideal destination for hypothetical future interstellar travel. And so it is worth checking out. “In my point of view, we are always the usual, we have advanced knowledge in order to really find out the truth, and we stop at the first small hitches, I want this research to go forward, perhaps supporting them in some way, if only morally, you who do you think?

Apart, the radio telescope research alien life.



To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Apart, the radio telescope research alien life.