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Anthropic principle opposed to the Copernican, according to which the physical constants can have only the current values or slightly different from these, it is otherwise not possible to man’s existence. In its weak form, asserts that the space-time position of man can not be any, as provided by the Copernican principle, but it must be such as to make life possible, which means that only the constants that affect the structure of the Universe must take on today’s values.Universe 360

In its strongest form, however, it states that all physical constants can not be different from what is measured. The term “anthropic principle” was coined in 1973 by Brandon Carter during the symposium Comparison of cosmological theories with observational data held in Krakow, Poland, within the framework of the celebrations of the five-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus. In his speech Large Number Coincidences and the Anthropic Principle in Cosmology Carter noted that “… Although our situation is not necessarily central, is inevitably in some privileged ways”.

Carter meant by that statement warn by the overuse of the Copernican principle by astronomers and cosmologists. Carter proposed to bring to the attention of scientists apparent truism, namely that the Universe and its laws can not be inconsistent with human existence. Initially proposed as a method of reasoning, the anthropic principle has been variously interpreted over time. The principle was in fact already been invoked before Carter formalize; For example, in 1957, Robert Dicke wrote that “The age of the universe now is not random but conditioned by biological factors … [changes in the values of the fundamental constants of physics] would preclude the existence of man to consider the problem”. In fact the use of anthropic principles, ie purposive approaches, had more success in the past, or less unfavorable prejudices among scientists than the current period. Such as Kelvin and Maxwell objections to Darwin’s theories were of a purely anthropogenic.



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Anthropic principle opposed to the Copernican