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Ancient parchment revealed by TAC, rebuilt, thanks to computed tomography, the charred text of the Ein Gedi parchment, the oldest Jewish document from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

About 1,500 years ago, on the west coast of the Dead Sea he blazed a fire that destroyed a thriving Jewish community that lived there for centuries. The Wardrobe Sacred (mobile deputed to keep the rolls of the law) of the synagogue, though, survived the flames. It contained a parchment obtained from animal skin, which was charred by the heat of the flames. The document, known as “parchment of Ein Gedi”, has been preserved for decades by the Israel Antiquities Authority, without ever being opened for fear that the text fragile crumbled. But last year, scientists announced that they would examine and translated the hidden ways of the parchment, rolling it off virtually. A company which has now been officially described in the scientific literature. Are now twenty years working with technology and the damaged materials, and over time I became convinced that we were going to get to this day, the Ein Gedi proof parchment that we are able to recover the entire text from a damaged document, not just a word or letter. Based on preliminary tests, in 2015 we concluded that the Ein Gedi parchment is a biblical text of the sixth century A.D., containing a text excerpt from the book of Leviticus. But the full results of computed tomography, the same technique used in medical CT, recently published in the journal Science Advances, tell a longer story. Further analysis revealed another text column containing the first two chapters of Leviticus – ironically, a book that begins with God’s instructions on how to burn the offerings.

Even more important, the radiocarbon dating suggests that the scroll has between 1,700 and 1,800 years old, and is then at least 200 years older than previously believed. And, indeed, the characteristic confirms writing that the parchment dates from the first or second century, about five centuries earlier than the date attributed to the parchment last year.

Ancient parchment revealed by TAC, rebuilt, thanks to computed tomography.



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Ancient parchment revealed by TAC, rebuilt, thanks to computed tomography.