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Ampurias location of northeastern Spain. In Catalonia, on the Gulf of Rosas. It is the ancient Emporiae, founded in the 6th century. B.C. by Phocaean settlers of Marseille. The excavations have brought to light much of the ancient city into three distinct areas: the original one, the Hellenistic, Roman colony.

They have the Greek walls and those, grandiose, the time of Caesar, the basilica and a small amphitheater at the Roman colony.

In the Greek tombs are reported finds of Etruscan objects. The site was first colonized by the Greeks in the first half of the sixth century BC (The name Emporion also means market), then by the Romans who were the first occupants then allies. Flourished until about the middle of the second century, then it declined. With the fall of the Western Roman Empire it was conquered first by the Visigoths, then by the Arabs and then by the Franks. In the twelfth century it became part of the Crown of Aragon. Today, the Greek city, are still visible: the sanctuary of Asclepius, which contains a statue of the God who is currently in the Archaeological Museum of Barcelona, a dedidacato temple to Serapis, erected in age ellenisica alongside the sanctuary of Asclepius, a sacred enclosure, a guard tower, water tanks, different homes, the agora and a colonnade said Stoa (portico).

We have also received some mosaics with Greek inscriptions: one of these perfectly readable wishes to transient Sweet Dreams (ΗΔΨΚΟΙΤΟΣ). In the immediate vicinity of the Stoa we were found the remains of the oldest early Christian basilica of Εμπόριον. The area is now a museum almost entirely open-air, open to the public: in its inside evocative projections reconstruct the history of ancient Empúries. At the time of its greatest expansion (fourth century BC) Empuries had an area of about five hectares, of which three are completely urbanized. Its population must have been somewhere, according to best estimates, between a minimum of 3000 and a maximum 4250 inhabitants.

Ampurias location of northeastern Spain.



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Ampurias location of northeastern Spain.