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Amazing Video UFO moving from Earth! The video was posted on my Facebook page “Cognitiopage“.

The footage appears to show the download electromagnetic left by an aircraft in PR about to go through a wormhole. It is the best UFO sightings in recent years, or is an unknown natural phenomenon? Still, others believe could be a hoax. It’s your assessment.

The footage appears to show a UFO pledged to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and headed for a tunnel in the clouds, with a lot of electromagnetic tail in tow. The movie was shot in Arizona, United States, November 29, 2016. At first glance, the video is breathtaking, but according to some, it may be a fake product with computer graphics. However, if the video turns out to be real, there are those who do not rule out that the effect may be the result of a bizarre combination of atmospheric phenomena, so focusing on a completely natural explanation. Still, others speculate that it might be a meteorite, but the problem is that the object goes up and not down as it should do a Meteorite! The UFO community, however, seems to have no doubts, especially because of the Arizona, along with Nevada, are the two parts of the US in recent years have recorded the highest number of UFO sightings. Among the many voices was heard even Scott C. Waring, one of the hunters of the best-known alien on the web and to my other dear friend, “Arizona is a hot spot famous for UFO sightings and the presence of bases secret alien, “says the Sun,” so this video might be the best substantial evidence to prove their existence.

The fact remains that since I studied this video myself and my staff, we unleashed a fuss of controversy and mixed reviews, but this is because, as usual, when the Government gets in the way, take every effort to cover up.

Amazing Video UFO moving from Earth!



To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Amazing Video UFO moving from Earth!