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Amazing power! How can it happen? It’s truly shocking and awesome their ability. Friends ufologists, in this video clearly shows their spectacular supremacy against us. We know now clearly that “they” if they want to, they can cover incredible distances in a fraction of a second. They have access to far superior to our technology. In addition to the speed of sound! I hope with all my passion for technology that one day the human race will come to that. I’m sure we will just hope to be still alive until then … Why do I say this? It ‘s simple if we go on like this, where pretty much still the world is nourished with the old oil, friends, but I think after thousands of years, yet the human race depends on a fossil product, that’s it, this is the confirmation that the world. He can never forget the past, even after thousands of years. But all this, there is a downside, if the human race continues, you will find to deal with the depletion of the fossil, and therefore an imminent collapse at the global level. I hope that one day hearing the news, I get in my ears, that finally you people have abandoned the oil and you will power with renewable or alternative energies. At the moment the human race is the only race that is fed with this product, other races have long since abandoned. One day it will happen, but until then you must be aware that “they” are the real travelers of time and space … “they” are the ones that dominate on all planets, all of the visible universe and not visible, but remember friends, that “they” are sons of God, and thus are mortals like humans! Commented friends without fear I love people who are confronted without delay. Dear friends, today I leave you with this incredible video.

Amazing power! How can it happen? It’s truly shocking and awesome their ability.



To open the video click on the image, good view from your Alessandro Brizzi.

Amazing power! How can it happen