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Akkadian language, the language of the Anunnaki? The Akkadian language was an East Semitic language spoken in ancient Mesopotamia, especially by the Assyrians and Babylonians.

Akkadian is the oldest Semitic language never attested, using the cuneiform writing system as (initially used by the Sumerians).

The language was called “Akkadian” from the city of Akkad, perhaps a foundation of Sargon, most town Akkadian empire, still not detected with certainty.

The reciprocal influence of Akkadian and Sumerian made the two languages one Sprachbund. The first discoveries of texts in Akkadian, Sumerian and are in fact date back to the XXIX century BC From the middle of the third millennium BC starts the appearance of the entire Akkadian texts (paleo-Akkadian).

Dating from this period onwards, they were then found numerous texts and fragments in Akkadian scientific, military, political and mythological. From the second millennium BC, There are two recognizable variants of Akkadian: Assyrian and Babylonian.

Thanks to the expansion of the ancient Assyrian empire, of the Babylonian and Middle Assyrian Empire Akkadian, spread throughout the Near East.

The last Akkadian texts found dating back to 100 A.D. about. The Akkadian language is attested for the first time on some proper names in some age Sumerian texts of Fara (about 2800 BC), while fully prepared texts in this language are known only from the mid-second millennium BC The Akkadian belongs to the Semitic language family: according to a division of the Semitic languages of the matrix, would sink its roots in the northeastern part of the Middle East. The paleo-Akkadian has been preserved on clay tablets of 2600 BC about. They were written in cuneiform, a writing system adopted by the Sumerians based impression of some “wedges” on the fresh clay surface. Sumerian and Akkadian, while sharing the writing system, are structurally different languages: the first is in fact decidedly caking, the second is syllabic. In my point of view, The ancients, when they went down on planet Earth, brought with them the writing and the phonetic cuneiform, which is why we explain the various cuneiform structures throughout the ancient world.



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Akkadian language, the language of the Anunnaki