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Agreements between the pentagon and the english defence ministry to study the phenomenon ufo.

American intelligence services began to collaborate with the English team who studies UFOs since 2009.

The goal of US intelligence is to create, within the Pentagon, a structure similar to the English one, so as to study the phenomenon UFOs. There is a department of the Ministry of Defence, set up in 2009, which is specifically intended to study UFOs. The British were likely to close this division but promptly Americans intervened (which apparently are the main donors of this department). So Pentagon officials have decided to change the venue of the center of UFO research.

According to military sources as reported by the tabloid The Express, a unit of the Pentagon would do great pressure to integrate the research center English. The headquarters was moved to Soho Square. American will have been published by mistake in the journal of the Ministry of Defence USA. This shows the interest on the UFO question by the senior echelons of the ministry. But even the American desire to militarize space. How many apparently the largest US interests would be a super secret project developed by the Ministry of Defence, known as “Project condign” that would aim to secretly study the UFO technology.

One of the main collaborators of the British research group is a US official, former consultant for 20th Century Fox, producer of many science fiction movies. As Britain insist to have no evidence of alien life on Earth, Americans are strongly interested. It must be said however that about 12,000 UFO sightings, 5% has been without a rational explanation. The matter of some debate now, as far as science fiction may seem, is a development of particular weapons that could be developed from the observation and study of these phenomena.


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