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Adriano or Hadrian, Roman emperor, after taking the throne said Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus. Son of Publio Elio Adriano Afro, cousin of Trajan, of which more and gored the favor, played high positions and participated in the Dacian wars.

But the succession to the throne gave rise to discussions, as Trajan had done so only in his last days of the adoption of Hadrian. From Syria, where he was governor, an end to the Parthian war at the cost of renunciation of certain territories, it came in 118 in Rome proclaiming his plans for a peaceful political.

In 121 began a large number of trips to the provinces of Inspection: visited Gaul, provident to the German border and the Danube, in Britain began building a massive rampart, it was in Spain, in Africa, in the East, in Egypt, the most sometimes in Athens: everywhere leaving traces of his provident work and receiving demonstrations of loyalty. He returned to Rome in 134.

A man of letters, musician, architect, refined aesthete, an admirer of Greek civilization, dissolute man, tormented, selfish, Adriano has a complex and contrasting personality; as emperor profited greatly to the Roman state for its external and internal peace policy and its administrative wisdom.

An intensive monumental building activity distinguishes his time: in Rome on his mausoleum, the reconstruction of the Pantheon, the Elio bridge, the villa at Tivoli; in Athens, a new monumental district with the port, the Olympieion, the library, the gymnasium, and many other buildings in various cities of the empire.

He designed the Temple of Venus and Roma on the Velia. Hadrian’s Wall. Built in Britain by Hadrian between 122 and 127; composed of two main elements: the wall and the rampant. The wall ran for 117 km. A murus cespiticius, ie land, was perhaps the first line of defense.



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Adriano or Hadrian, Roman emperor. History.