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Aboriginal, wars conducted with Boomerang, study on this ancient weapon. The wounds present on the skeleton of an Aboriginal died before the arrival of settlers indicates that the native tribes of Australia fought each other bloody battles. At first it seemed quite clear. When two years ago the skeleton of a male aborigine was discovered near a river bank in Australia, deep engraving that appeared on the skull seemed to indicate that he had died as a result of a head wound inflicted by a sword or a knife, probably during the turbulent period that followed the landing of Europeans on the continent. Then the story took a new turn. Laboratory analyzes have revealed that the man died in the thirteenth century, 600 years before the arrival of settlers and then of their weapons. A new study published in the journal Antiquity suggests that the injuries were probably inflicted with local weapon: the boomerang.

The study authors say that man was the object of a deliberate act of violence: a hypothesis which implies that at least some of the Aboriginal people fought each other before the arrival of Europeans, and that sheds new light on tribal relations in Australia prior to colonization. Until now, it was known just another pre-colonial age skeleton showed signs of mortal wounds inflicted by other human beings, and they were the remains of a person in 1600 BC some with signs of multiple injuries inflicted with a spear, perhaps during a ritual punishment. I do not know if it was a phenomenon that invested the entire continent, but in this part of Australia we have evidence of conflicts between tribes. The skeleton was discovered in 2014 by William Bates, a member of the local Aboriginal tribe Baakantji. The man nicknamed Baakantji Kaakutja, meaning “older brother.” Kaakutja had a long wound on his face inflicted with a weapon by the sharp edge and some broken ribs; Also from the arm she had been torn a bone circle. Earlier Westaway thought the man was dead at the hands of the infamous “Native Police”, a kind of local militia organized by the British and responsible for the deaths of many Aborigines. Evidence suggests that Kaakutja, who died around the age of thirty, had already suffered violence. His skull showed two wounds healed, one of which inflicted with a weapon by the sharp edge. But his belly indicates that his last meal was made from crustaceans and possums; Moreover, he was clearly buried carefully.



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Aboriginal, wars conducted with Boomerang, study on this ancient weapon.