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12 Olympians, were really aliens deities? The Olympians or Dodekatheon are the twelve main gods of Greek mythology. The name comes from the fact that live on Mount Olympus. They are supernatural and immortal beings who ruled over life and death of human beings:

1) Zeus-Jupiter












The Olympians belong to one-third of wine chapter: you can, in fact, identify three phases in the Greek mythography.

1) Initially a purely Cosmogonic corpus, in which there are no properly called gods, but natural demiurge gods and totemic.

Among them is particularly important Uranus, from which descend the Olympians.

2) The second divine generation is one of the Titans, whose head was Cronus. Are the Pelasgian Greek Gods.

3) The Titans were later ousted by the Olympians, according to Tallo three hundred twenty-two years before the Trojan War, that is, circa 1500 BC In the myths of Titan studies we are told this divine replacement process, which was not at all peaceful.

The Olympians, then, should be the grandchildren of Uranus, but the genealogies of the gods of ancient Greece are hard to follow and entangled with each other. This is explained by the fact that, in the case of several elite rotations, each group in power declared its pantheon, or your God, superior to others, and forced the earlier myths to justify this change.

The Titans, for example, were the gods of the Pelasgians, the Greek populations perhaps native. With the arrival of the invaders Hellenes the rights of such deities are taken by new gods, the Olympians: remember Athena, goddess of wisdom, which kills the Titan Pallas, the patron saint of the same attribute. In other myths, however, some gods are presented as children of divinity actually younger, like Aphrodite, generated by Uranus, subsequently referred to as the daughter of Zeus, actually the grandson of Uranus itself. In my point of view, because it associated it since that time, the Olympians with the planets? How do you not think that the gods were nothing but “they”? I think the ancient Greeks, understood and lived together with these entities and were not forms of religion, but rather a reality!

12 Olympians, were really aliens deities?



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12 Olympians, were really aliens deities