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Alhena. Star γ of the Gemini constellation of magnitude 1.9, spectral class A, 44 years distance light. Alhena, also called Almeisan, is the third brightest star in the constellation of Gemini, Castor and Pollux after. It shines at magnitude 1.95, making it the…



Anuradhapura. Ancient capital of Sri Lanka. It founded according to tradition in the 6th century. BC, during the 4th King Pandukhabhaya the renewed completely, providing it is a fortified citadel with a palace and residential districts, is a suburban neighborhood for the foreign…


You have never seen a technology like this?

And this is the first technology !! Finally!! My friends, we have revealed that the US government has learned from alien technologies. it was time!! Well friends with this first video Crazy discovery that you want to highlight, as over the years the…


Quantum physics in ancient times?

Quantum physics in ancient times? The seal VA / 243 and Akkadian seal of the third millennium BC, now in the Vorderasiatische Abteilung of the State Museum in Berlin under the name VA / 243. If we look closely at the seal is…

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